Good Citizen Challenge Hall of Fame 2024

Looking for inspiration? Meet these Good Citizens!

Check out these outstanding entries we’ve received so far this summer. Some of these kids went above and beyond, while others perfectly captured the Good Citizen spirit. Not everyone will make it into the Hall of Fame, but every activity you submit earns another chance to win the drawing for the grand prize — a trip for two to Washington, D.C.

Elijah Maynard, 7, of East Thetford did Activity #5: Go Jump in a Lake or Public Pool. “I went swimming at Treasure Island (Lake Fairlee). I learned that Treasure Island is cared for in our town by a committee of volunteers.”
Grace Gillman, 8, of Burlington did Activity #12: Organize Support for a Cause. She raised more than $100 for the Boys and Girls Club. “I baked two types of cookies with my grandma and sold them at our community garage sale.”
Lyle Johnson of Burlington, age 10, sent in this design for a new “I Voted” sticker. “It was harder than I expected, but I feel proud of it,” he said.

Siena Keffer, 9, of East Montpelier visits the fire department. She learned that they receive up to 300 calls per year!

Briella DuBois, 7, of Proctor goes swimming at Bomoseen state park.

Susannah Rye, 10, of Waterbury, did Activity #23: Talk to a Journalist. “I talked to Gordon Miller who is a photojournalist for the Waterbury Roundabout. He told me he liked taking pictures of people having fun.”

Heikki Milles, 8, of Richmond did Activity #9: Attend a Community Event. He went to see the Vermont Lake Monsters play at Centennial Field in Burlington. “You can usually find some friends at a Lake Monsters game. And, there’s a bunch of snacks.”

Lilah Foerster, 6, of North Ferrisburgh did Activity #20: Read the Local News. Lilah’s mom read her five articles in the Addison Independent. “I learned there will be a place for kids to get food in Ferrisburgh. I learned that people were putting chemicals out that were making bees and butterflies die, and now people will stop doing that.”

Students from Champlain Elementary School in Burlington did Activity #13: Pick Up Trash.

Hazel Saunders, 9, of Burlington did Activity #9: Attend a Community Event. “I attended the Vermont Green Women’s Exhibition game. It was really special to see my soccer coach Laney Ross play in the game and go on the field to see her afterwards.”

Vivi Milles, 6, of Richmond did Activity #7: Visit the Fire Department. “I learned that firefighters don’t only do fires. They also help people who are sick.”

Alaina Willette, 11, of Ferrisburgh did Activity #19: Show What Vermont’s Motto Means to You. “I drew a picture of people in front of the green mountains holding hands representing unity. I also put a lock that was unlocked to represent freedom.”
Siena Keffer, 9, of East Montpelier visits a Veterans Memorial in Montpelier. In addition to visiting the memorial, Siena has checked something out from the library, written a thank-you note to her neighbor, and cleared a local trail of invasive species!
Jacob Rye, 12, of Waterbury attends a mental health awareness event at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vergennes. The event culminated in rowing across Lake Champlain. “It was cool to learn how to row because I had never been rowing before,” he said. 
Alaina Willette, 11, of Ferrisburgh hand-delivered a thank-you note to the Friends of the Union Meeting Hall. “Thanks for planning and hosting fun events for our community,” she wrote. Lindsey Brown, the Treasurer of Friends of the Union Meeting Hall, said that receiving Alaina’s note, “just gave me such a big feeling of joy” by letting her know that her hard work has been worth it.
Truman Talbot, 7, attends Waterbury’s Not Quite Independence Day Celebration.

Hava Bensimhon, 8, of Burlington poses with Champ at a Vermont Lake Monsters Game. She wrote that, “part of being a Good Citizen is being a good fan to my sports team. And also Champ is really fun!” 

Lilah Foerester, 6, and Liza Tirrell, 6, are doing the challenge together as a team! Here they are visiting a memorial in Vergennes honoring Stephen Bates, Vermont’s first known Black sherriff and chief of police. 

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