Contact the Candidate Challenge

Reach out to one or more of the local 2020 candidates and find out what they stand for!

This fall’s election isn’t just about who will be representing us in Washington, D.C. State and local officials are also on the ballot, and they have more power over our daily lives.

This month’s activity is to contact one or more of the people campaigning to represent you in the Vermont legislature and ask what they plan to do in office to help Vermonters like you. That includes members of the Vermont Senate and members of the Vermont House of Representatives.

Send them an email (with an adult’s supervision or approval), mail them a note, or give them a call to find out why they’re running for office and what they want to do in the legislature. What are the issues that matter to them? These candidates are seeking an important position. Think of your questions to them as part of their job interview.

  • Please send us your email or note, or forward it along with their response by the end of the day on Monday, October 26 to


Don’t know who the candidates are?

Look them up in Seven Days 2020 Voters’ Guide.

The Good Citizen Challenge is organized by Burlington-based Seven Days — Vermont’s locally owned, independent newsweekly — and its free monthly parenting magazine, Kids VT, with support from the Vermont Community Foundation and the Evslin Family Foundation.

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