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One of the most exciting things about the Good Citizen Challenge is that it allows us to share players’ work with the public. This inspires adults and promotes public awareness of civics and the democratic (small-d) values we all share. It also allows adults to celebrate and recognize the Good Citizens in their midst, and to see these young people as valued community partners.

We may publish students’ work on the Good Citizen website, or in Seven Days and Kids VT products; we may also make their work available to broadcast media partners (TV and radio). We also publish and distribute a list of all players who complete the Good Citizen Challenge.

To help us bring their work to a larger audience, we ask that you give media consent. Many of us are parents, too, and we want to make sure you and your player are comfortable with us sharing their work with the public.

I give permission to Da Capo Publishing, Inc. (d/b/a Seven Days, Kids VT) and its affiliates to use, reuse, publish and republish photographs, digital images, artwork and audio recordings of or made by this Challenge player. I give permission to Da Capo Publishing, Inc. to identify this player as having taken part in the Challenge.

Or, the parents of this player have given me or my school or program permission to release their child’s name and work to the media in conjunction with school activities.

Please note: Da Capo Publishing, Inc. is not responsible for any claims or demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographic and digital images and audio recordings of players, artwork, poetry and any other submission, including any and all claims for libel.

If you cannot agree to the above, mark your player as “no.” If it’s complicated, please feel free to contact us directly.

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